2 in 1 Portable Large Toy Storage Organizer Bag Play Mat Rug for Legos Block Doll Diameter Around 60inch(Green)

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This will literally change the way you treat your kids forever. Clean up all your kids toys and lego in seconds with the super smart 2-in-1 Tidy Toy Mat Storage Bag.

It's portable toy and lego playing mat for the carpet and floor that keeps the lego in one place, serves as a playmat and turns into a nice looking storage bag to keep in the bedroom or living room.

Why you need this!

  • Breathe! And let your kids play with their lego and duplo - knowing it'll be easy to clean upl;)
  • No more stepping on loose pieces scattered all over the floor
  • Keep the house in order and the toys stored away in style
  • The Tidy Toy Mat Doubles as a kids playmat, and cool stylish storage solution
  • It's also useful as a washing basket, beach bag, or overnight tog bag.

Other specs:

  • Soft and durable, washable cotton canvas
  • Includes easy tighten drawstring for preventing mess
  • Super light and very portable
  • Size is 140cm Diameter

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