Bedside Pocket Organiser

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Keep all your stuff handy in bed!

  • Soft and stylish storage pocket
  • Ideal place for eyeglasses, mobile phone, TV remote or books!
  • Keep things safe and close while you sleep!
  • Fits all beds and couches
  • Great gift for friends and family!

Made from soft grey felt with a sturdy polystyrene lining, this bed pocket is practical and something that everyone needs! It will make a great gift for young people going off to college, but on the other end of the spectrum, older adults will also enjoy it and find it useful in their bedroom! It’ll soon become indispensable and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The grey colour and scandinavian-inspired no nonsense design will blend in with any kind of decor. It attaches quickly and easily to any kind of bed frame, but can also be used as a couch pocket! It’s big enough to store a magazine, tablet or book, but you could use it for any smallish object that consistently gets lost around the house!

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