Lego Inspired Digital Watch

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Wear Your Inner Child on Your Sleeve with a Retro Lego Style Watch. This item is a fashionable time-piece, is suitable for all ages and genders

Inspired by the shapes and colours of LEGO, this watch is a cool reminder of your childish past.

  • This fun, multi-coloured digital watch is inspired by the shapes and colours of Lego!
  • The digital display features an alarm, chronograph and date function!
  • Made with rubber and plastic the watch is light, comfortable and water resistant!
  • Adjustable to fit both kids and adults with easy chain changes
  • Total length is 210- 242mm with a 43.3mm watch base and 12mm thickness
  • A great christmas gift for summer 2018 for guys and girls of all ages.


  • Silicone, Stainless Steel
  • Includes time, date/day display, light, alarm and stopwatch functions
  • Adjustable to fit most wrists - simply remove band links by pushing out pins on side of band

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